Chopper - Galah

Chopper came to Parrot Life® from Perth Pet Bird Rescue in 2014, as a very challenging case. He came to the rescue as a lost bird that walked into a coffee shop in the Northern Suburbs of Perth, and his owner was never found. We think he is around 10 - 20 years old. He had been rehomed repeatedly, as he would constantly fly and attack heads and faces of whoever he was around, so he came to live with Rachel as a 'training challenge'. Chopper is now seen at events, courses and expos as an awesome little demonstration parrot! While he still has a couple of things that will trigger his deeply ingrained default aggressive response, and likely always will, overall he is very much improved and is our best novel behaviour demonstrator. He knows a huge array of trained husbandry and novel behaviours, is a very fast learner, and has learned a behaviour on cue in less than a minute before! Chopper has been our greatest trainer - and has helped us enormously to develop our behaviour modification protocols for parrots with aggressive behaviour.


Leo - Male Eclectus

Leo is an 11 year old male eclectus parrot, and was originally one of our regular client's birds. He came to join the Parrot Life® team in December 2015, due to his behavioural issues needing an environmental change to help fully correct them. He is the sweetest parrot you will ever meet, but unfortunately he is a little bit too lovely - and have an incredibly strong breeding drive. When he was taken on by his previous owner he had worn the feathers off his vent and was affecting his health by constantly mating his human friends. While breeding hormone production is normal for parrots, his was unrepenting (year round) and had become the standard way he interacted with people and more habitual. With the help of a hormone treatment from Dr. Ingrid from Bird and Exotic Veterinary Services Perth, we worked with Leo and our fantastic client on modifying his behaviour so he would mate a 'female eclectus' coloured soft perch rather than people, with the plan of then phasing that out as his hormone implant kicked in. We almost reached our goal however Leo was becoming frustrated and secondary frustration behaviours were beginning to crop up, so we trialled a complete environmental change and a move to our outdoor aviaries, which snapped him out of breeding mode so well he ended up staying for good. He has not needed a hormone treatment since then, and is now a perfect gentleman, with only very rare signs of breeding behaviour. He features in many of our videos and comes to talks and demos with us!
Leo's behaviour modification 2015
Leo 2016

Sam - Cockatiel

Sam is our superstar cockatiel - he may be small but he sure is talented! He is harness trained so you will see him with us at expos and demonstrations, demonstrating foraging products and foundation training. He was hand-reared with his siblings by Georgia from 3-weeks old after his parents abandoned the nest, and lives in an aviary with a flock of 9 cockatiels in his 'off-time'. He also does a mean rendition of the 'Adam's Family' theme song.

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