Harness Train Your Parrot! Course


A one-of-a-kind, in-depth, 6 week ONLINE course on harness training your parrot. 

The instructor for this course will be Lee Stone, CPDT-KA, ABAP-1 our Brisbane Consultant and Operations Manager.

This course is jam packed with information including (but definitely not limited to).....

• Training Methodology
• Foundation Behaviours
• Body Language
• Identifying reinforcers / setting up your training environment
• Handling / Touch acceptance training
• Preparing your parrot for the outdoors
• Long-term maintenance of the behaviour
• Problem solving / overcoming setbacks
• Building a trust account for better success
• Full breakdown and step by step on getting the harness on AND off

There are TWO registration levels available...

PREMIUM - This is an active registration. Premium participants attend our live online (video conferencing) sessions with their parrot, you can ask questions during and after each week's class, train your bird during the class and get instructor feedback, receive customised assistance based on you and your parrots needs. Premium participants can also post training videos on the Facebook group for feedback. Premium is LIMITED to just 5 clients per course. This registration is $149.

BASIC - This is an auditing registration. Basic participants can attend the live sessions via live stream but cannot ask questions and do not receive customised assistance. Basic participants have access to the Facebook group and can see Premium Members videos and feedback but cannot post. This registration is $69.

Pre-requisites / Recommendations: Parrots should be hand tame / friendly with humans and able to be minimally handled (ie: are not fearful of hands). Ideally you and your parrot will have completed some basic training together and have some foundations behaviours such as step up and target training.  

As the course is run entirely online and with Facebook as a key component of the classes attendees should have a good internet connection and a Facebook account. 

The course cost includes:

• Training Step by Step Handouts

• Training Videos

• An in-depth Harness training plan

• Access to our Harness Training Facebook group

• Access to our supplementary resources page

• Class recordings which remain available after the course finishes.

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