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It’s all about foraging!

The 304 Stainless Steel Foraging Bin is an awesome way to get your parrot foraging and mentally stimulated throughout the day.

Stock it full of chewables and edibles to encourage natural, healthy behaviours.

Long lasting, re-usable, and proven as a highly effective enrichment tool for companion and aviary parrots.

Heavy duty, will withstand rough play.


Stainless steel care & cleaning-dishwasher safe, use a scourer or wet & dry sandpaper to remove any rust stains, wash thoroughly.

Each cage is sold empty


Assembly instructions: 


Each Foraging Bin comes with a green plastic bead that needs to be placed on the metal thread on top of the lid and then the nut with chain needs to be screwed on top of the plastic bead to keep the lid in place. When placing the metal lid on the base, please spin the lid so it sits down flat and NOT on the vertical bars.


Each Foraging Bin comes dismantled with a green plastic bead stored inside the bin or if you purchase a full bin it will be placed on top of the lid on the metal thread. 

Small - suitable for Small birds - Conures, Quakers, Ringnecks and similar size birds. Small size is not suitable for large birds.


Medium - suitable for Medium size birds - Greys, Amazons, Galahs, Eclectus and similar size birds


Large - suitable for Medium to Large birds - Greys, Amazons, Galahs, Cockatoos, Macaws and similar size medium to large birds.


See size measurements and species suitability under Additional information

Small Foraging Bin

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  • Measurements (approximate)

    Small - 82mm high, 77mm diameter, hangs 25cm, bar diameter 3mm, bar spacing side 16mm, bar spacing top & bottom 12mm, weight 176 grams 

    Medium - 100mm high, 103mm diameter, hangs 27cm, bar diameter 4mm, bar spacing side 19mm, bar spacing top & bottom 16mm, weight 370 grams 

    Large - 160mm high, 138mm diameter, hangs 40cm, bar diameter 5mm, bar spacing side 20mm, bar spacing top & bottom 22mm, weight 906 grams 

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