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Foraging is very important for the mental health of your parrot – they spend most of their time in the wild foraging for food, so we need to try and replicate this in captivity. Getting your bird working to find food and treats will keep their minds sharp and active, and keep them out of trouble! Foraging trays are a fantastic way to hide your food in a natural way for your parrot, but they are especially suitable for ground foraging species, but all parrots will enjoy the challenge.

This product is put together by the Parrot Life® team and includes a small tray suitable for small parrots such as budgies, lovebirds, parrotlets and cockatiels, cleaned white pebbles and oyster shell as a foraging substrate, safe faux grass (short wide plastic and rubber only) as a foraging substrate, and instructions.

Parrot Life® Tip: use a foraging tray at times when your parrot is loud, up to mischeif or trying to chew on furniture - it will keep them busy for a long time, and because the treats are hidden you can use as many or as little as you like and it still works! The faux grass is fantastic for sprinkling millet and other small seeds into for small parrots.

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