Natural Perch Swing MEDIUM

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These natural wood perch swings are ideal for small to medium sized parrots! They provide a gentle movement while perching to encourage normal perching muscle use, will naturally help keep nails and beaks in condition, and provide foraging opportunities in specially designed holes and crevices. We have tried and tested this product with a range of parrots and they quickly become a favourite perching spot!

Handmade by the Parrot Life® team from cleaned Queensland safe wood (eucalyptus, corymbia, callistemon), and may include safely coloured pine blocks or vine balls for foraging opportunities (depending on the batch). The pole hooks are strong and parrot safe - and all stainless steel for strength,safety and durability for large parrots. When hanging they are 35cm high. Once the perch is chewed (this will take a while!) and no longer suitable for use as a swing, the rods can be reused as foraging kebab/skewers!

Prior to ordering, please check your state or countries customs rules on natural wood imports.

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