Parrot Life® Eclectus Care Manual

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Owning a parrot can get very complicated, what should you do and not do, feed or not feed? There is a lot of often contradictory information floating around on the do's and don’t's of caring for your parrot. If you are not sure what your parrot needs to thrive both mentally, physically and to avoid future problem behaviours you need a Parrot Life® Species Care Manual! The manuals provides you with an understanding of the wild behaviour of your species and how it applies in captivity, recommended diet including the amount to feed, enrichment for cage and aviary, training basic behaviours and skills to your parrot, and much more. These manuals are beneficial for you and your bird, and can reap rewards in years to come with reduced veterinary costs that can arise through a poor diet, lack of exercise or lack of stimulation. Through excellent care, you can add many years to your parrots’ life.

These manuals are PDF only, and your chosen manual will be available for download once paid.

Current manuals available are:

  • Cockatoo Manual (for all cockatoo species, excluding cockatiel/weiro)
  • Macaw Manual (for all macaw species)
  • Budgie and Cockatiel Manual
  • Lorikeet Manual (for all lorikeet and lorie species)
  • Eclectus Manual (for all eclectus species)
  • Many more to come!
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