Safety Pumice Perch LARGE

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LARGE - recommended for galahs through to eclectus (red-tailed black cockatoos are also recommended for this size as they have little stubby feet!)

Safety Pumice Perches are the gold standard in nail and beak care perching for all parrots. The pumice sides effectively trim sharp nails and lasts for a very long time, while the smooth upper surface reduces any wear or callous development on the underside of your parrot's feet. The varied shape design helps keep foot muscles strong too. The tough resin perch stands up to chewing from even the largest parrots!

These perches come in a variety of colours, and are our favourite stationing tool as they are easily differentiated by your parrot. You can teach a visual or verbal command, and even teach your bird or birds to move to different perches when you say their colours ( for those that don't know what stationing is, think "on your mat" for a dog becomes "on your perch" to a parrot)! When you buy from us we include a 'how-to' instuction sheet to train a stationing behaviour with your new perch.

Parrot Life® Tip: If you use these as the highest perch in the cage or aviary, your parrot will use it as a sleeping perch and keep those nails nice and filed!

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