Seagrass Hut SMALL

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These Seagrass Huts are a great tool to wean your small parrot of dangerous fibre/fabric huts. Fabric huts are commonly behind fibre impactions, thread injuries and hormone amplification from the parrot percieving the hut as a 'nest'. If your parrot love their fibre hut but you are looking for a safer option, these are a fantastic choice, as the material is natural seagrass that can be chewed safely, with a reinforced base, and the holes stop the parrot from perceiving the hut as a nesting hollow. Not recommended for use with parrots over 75g (i.e. use for lovebirds, budgies and other very small parrots). For parrots 75g - 250g, choose the large hut size.

Handmade by the Parrot Life® team from cleaned seagrass mats, and a safe steel clasp.

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