Sydney Branch

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Rebecca Baldwin
Avian Behaviour and Training Consultant / Area Manager

Rebecca has joined the Parrot Life® team as the Sydney Consultant in 2019, bringing 18 years of experience working in almost all facets of bird care. From a young age Rebecca was captivated by birds and even now, her days are filled with books, binoculars and birds!


With her Veterinary Nursing background, Rebecca has worked alongside some of Australia’s most renowned Avian Veterinarians, and acquired an extensive knowledge in avian health, husbandry, nutrition and enrichment, particularly with parrots. She also has a long history in the companion pet industry, previously managing the avian section at Kellyville Pets, and creating the well-known Parrot Pre-School classes there (that she still runs) to satisfy the need for parrot owner education in the Sydney region. Parrot Pre-school is where new and existing bird owners can learn about body language, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) methodology, foundation behaviours, novel behaviour training and environmental enrichment by using positive reinforcement based and force-free techniques.


Today, as well as working with Parrot Life®, Rebecca works at a leading Zoo in a team that delivers free-flight bird shows and animal encounters, using parrot species and birds of prey from around the world. Rebecca’s consultation clients (feathered and human!) will learn her methods to build a solid foundation of trust, have fun being guided to train their birds, and work through achievable steps when using behavioural modification to manage problem behaviours. Sydney is very lucky to have her! ​


Certificate III Captive Animals - awarded by Taronga Zoo Training Institute, 2015 


​Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing - 2006 WSI TAFE


Zoo Keeper /Presenter Freeflight Bird Show at a leading zoo, July 2016 - present

Manager Bird Department - Kellyville Pets, until 2018


Presenter of Parrot Pre-School Classes - Kellyville Pets, since 2005


Senior Veterinary Nurse - (Bird and Exotics) 2006 - 2015


Living and Learning with Animals - Certificate of Excellence, 2010, 2018 - LLA Susan Friedman


16 years working with parrots in a behavioural and clinical capacity 

Patrick Richards
Avian Behaviour and Training Consultant

Patrick's journey with behaviour began at the age of eight, upon enrolling in acting classes. Patrick was trained in the 'Stanislavski method' of acting which involves uncovering a character's base motivation to better understand their actions and what they are hoping to achieve from them. Little did he know at the time that this approach to acting is also fundamental to understanding animal behaviour. 


Like most 'Professional' actors Patrick sought additional work in his adult life and as his family had always owned a wide variety of pets including birds, cats, dogs, chickens and alpacas he found himself working in a Pet Store that specialised in birds and the rest is history! He became fascinated by their actions and the choices they make to achieve their goals, which led him to pursue study in Applied Behaviour Analysis and training methods with numerous industry professionals. It was then in applying his knowledge to the birds he cared for in-store that he realised the need for this knowledge amongst pet bird owners and the power it had to make both the birds lives and those who keep them happier. Helping people and birds overcome their behavioural hurdles is now Patrick's greatest passion.


He is enormously excited to be a part of Parrot Life® and cannot wait to help you and your feathered friends achieve your goals. 

Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services - The Delta Institute 2018 (ongoing)


Certificate of Completion in Advanced Animal Training - Australasian Society of Zookeepers (2017)


Parrot Life® Behaviour and Training Intern (2019)


7+ years working with a multitude of parrot species in captivity