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About Us

Parrot Life® Behaviour and Training is a unique business to Australia and New Zealand, founded in Perth (Western Australia) in 2013 by Rachel Ward CPBC (nee Riley).


​Parrot Life® primarily provides in-home behaviour consultations to companion parrot owners. The business took off quickly, and now offers online video consultations worldwide, and runs regular courses, seminars and workshop s. In 2016 we began an internship programme, which eventually gave us our second and third staff members, we also opened our Parrot Life® Shop that boasts a small selection of tried, tested, safe and high quality items and online resources. 


We are now extremely proud to bring you professional training and behaviour modification for your parrots (and other avians), from our team of seven highly skilled consultants across Brisbane/SEQ, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and New Zealand. 


Another key service we provide is Avian Management services for captive institutions, and we have a strong focus on conserving endangered wild parrot species. Between 2013 - 2020 we worked closely with Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre in Perth and their fantastic black cockatoo rehabilitation programme, and are currently working with the wild Kākā and Kākāriki at the Cape Sanctuary, New Zealand. We are looking to expand our conservation work to further projects in Australasia on a consultancy basis in our other locations.

Our Mission Statement:

"To help all parrot owners/keepers communicate with, bond with and care for their birds to the highest possible standard through education, training and enrichment, resulting in the best possible life for captive parrots."


Meet the Team 

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Private Consultations

In-home and Online Consultations for all of your parrot related questions or concerns including foundations, behaviour problems, enrichment and more!


Parrot Training Academy

Our unique Parrot Training Academy workshop series aimed at parrot enthusiasts of all skill levels and knowledge! In-person, Virtual and On Demand!


Professional Workshops and Services

Customised workshops/presentations or consulting services for professional organisations such as vets, rescues, shelters, zoos and other animal related businesses.


Conservation, Research and Large Scale Avian Management

Training / Behaviour advice and Management for organisations involved in wild or captive conservation and research projects.


Parrot Life®

Online Shop

Parrot Life® Behaviour and Training has a range of recommended foraging toys, training products, care manuals and on demand content to help you give your parrot the best possible care - physically and behaviourally. We pride ourselves on recommending the safest products for your parrot, and even hand-make some products such as natural wood swings, foraging trays and much more! If there is an item you want stocked (or created) for your parrot, flick us a message through the contact page. Gift vouchers are also available for purchase for those special parrot people in your life. Happy shopping! 



Australia, New Zealand and Worldwide

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