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Jasmine Baldacchino
Beginning behaviour
Jasmine Baldacchino
Avian Behaviour and Training Consultant 

Jasmine’s passion for parrots started at the tender of age of 14 when she got her first parrot, a Cockatiel, named Jay Jay. Sadly, Jay Jay passed away and it was some time before Jasmine decided to add another parrot to her family, a Green Cheek Conure named Lola! Her love and passion for parrots grew naturally and along with it her flock.  
Jasmine pursued her passion through the breeding and handrearing of parrots, and took it upon herself to learn all about nutrition and training as well. Over the past 4 years Jasmine has bred and handraised a variety of parrots including Lovebirds, Conures, Ringnecks, Quakers, Eclectus, Amazons and Macaws. Jasmine regularly takes on needy/abandoned baby parrots to raise and rehome, she also occasionally takes on older parrots in need to re-train and rehome.  
Jasmine has a background in Early Childhood education, the skills and experience she gained in this field are incredibly valuable and we know these will serve her well as she deep dives into the world of animal behaviour and training.  
Jasmine currently shares her home (and most everything else she owns) with her flock of 9 parrots including 2 Blue-Front Amazons, 2 Green Cheek Conures, 2 Sun Conures, 2 Quaker Parrots and her young Blue and Gold Macaw, Luna! 
Diploma in Children Services – 2016 

Breeder / Handraiser – Feathered Friends Birds – 2018 to current 

Harness Train Your Parrot – Parrot Life Behaviour and Training - 2022 

Beginning Behaviour Consulting Mentorship - IAABC - 2022

Applied Behaviour Analysis Course - Courses for Success - 2022

Intern (Complete) - Parrot Life Behaviour and Training – 2022 - 2023  

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