Melbourne Branch

Natalya Dundovich
Avian Behaviour and Training Consultant 

Natalya joins the Parrot Life® team in 2020 after 9 years of professionally training pets and their people. In recent years she has co-owned AAMBR pet care and training in Melbourne where she helps all pets (cats, dogs, rabbits and even deer!), with all problems, and now contracts through Parrot Life® for anything parrot related! 


Natalya sees many pets with fears, anxiety and aggression and knows first hand the challenges of living with a complex pet. She is particularly drawn to working with the dedicated and compassionate humans that come with these tricky cases. Because of her rehabilitation work, Natalya values preventative strategies and is able to help you - select the right bird for your family, learn to communicate effectively, develop a strong bond, provide your bird with everything they need to be happy and healthy, teach good habits and prevent common problems. 


As a kid, Natalya fell in love with her first budgie and her bird keeping escalated from there! Most recently she shared her home with the beautiful Princess Parrot, "Ocean" and she is dreaming of pet chooks in the future. 


Natalya has been fortunate to work with, and learn from, several of Australia's leading Behavioural Trainers, Veterinary Behaviourists and Specialist Veterinarians.  She is addicted to professional development so you'll often bump into her at various events learning about all things animal! 

Animal Behaviour Consultant for the RSPCA (Victoria)  


Animal Behaviour Consultant for Blue Cross Animal Society of Victoria


Senior Animal Behaviour Trainer for The Lost Dogs Home


Teacher of the Companion Animal Services Certificate III at Melbourne Polytechnic  


Presenter (various behaviour topics) for animal care organisations & members of the public 


Diploma Feline Behaviour & Psychology, Certificate III Dog Behaviour & Training​, Diploma Equine Psychology​


Professional memberships with IAATE, APDT, ABMA