Parrot Training Academy


Parrot Training Academy is our series of three comprehensive workshops focusing on parrot behaviour and training. 


This series allows you to choose the level you would like to start, and the level you want to advance to. Designed to suit busy schedules, workshops can be completed all at once or at different times. They are designed to suit a range of different skill levels—from first time companion parrot owners, to those who work with animals professionally such as behaviour consultants, zoo keepers, shelter workers and those that work in the veterinary professions. If you want to broaden your understanding of parrot behaviour, learn how to train and correct problem behaviours, and get hands on training time with a variety of parrots, then this academy is for you!

Each workshop in our PTA series is run over a weekend (Saturday and Sunday), with each successive workshop  3 - 4 weeks apart. 

Click the icons below for more information on each workshop in the series! 


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PTA Workshop Cost and Details

Workshop Prices: 
One Workshop (Total 2 Days) - $185.00

Two Workshops (Total 4 Days) - $325.00
Three Workshops (Total 6 Days) - $460.00

A deposit will be due at the time of booking, the remainder of fees are due one (1) week in advance of the first workshop. 

Attendees can apply to bring their parrot along to day two of the workshop/s. This must be pre-approved and health testing is essential. 

Morning Tea and Refreshments are provided. BYO Lunch. 

Saturday sessions: 9am - 2pm

Sunday sessions: 9am - 12noon.


Workshops will be run throughout the year in all of our locations! Check our what's on page for upcoming workshop dates.


Not situated near any of our branch locations? Check out our Online and On Demand offerings!