Consultation Services


Parrot Life Behaviour and Training offers a number of both in-home and online/virtual private consulting services for companion parrot owners.

Private Training is suitable for clients who just need some help with basic / foundation behaviours, those who want to train their parrots to engage in novel or trick behaviours, right up to sessions for parrots with complicated behavioural issues including serious aggression, fearfulness, screaming, feather destructive behaviour and more. 

Our Avian Training and Behaviour Consultants are experienced professionals with a wide variety of backgrounds in parrot care, training and behaviour. Our Consultants have a proven track record of assisting our clients with a variety of behaviour problems by helping them better understand the underlying causes and guiding them to make the changes necessary to provide long lasting results. You can read more about each of our team members here.

Our consultations are conducted in your home either in person or via Skype/Zoom video call. This allows us to assess your parrot in the environment that the behaviour is occurring in, this gives us a clear picture of the changes and training we need to implement to best help you and your parrot! 

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In-Home Consultations

Available for clients within the Perth, South East Queensland, Sydney and Hawkes Bay (New Zealand) and surrounding regions. If you are unsure if your area is covered please get in touch. 


  • Initial 1.5hour in-home consultation is $195.00*. You have the option to include a written Parrot Life Training Plan specific to your parrot for an additional $55.00 (recommended).

  • Any optional follow up or regular consultations for existing clients are discounted to $140.00 per session, these normally last 1hour. Parrot Life Training Plans for follow up sessions are optional and are an extra $55.00.

  • For Western Australia, Queensland and New Zealand, a distance fee of 50c/km applies over 40km from your consultants location. Distance fees in New South Wales apply over 20km and are 60c/km. If the distance from our offices is greater than 100km, you will be given a direct quote from your consultant. 

*Prices are in local currency. 

Online Video Consultations

Run via Zoom or Skype, our Online Video Consultations are fantastic for clients outside of our locations, including interstate and international. Our team of Consultants are experienced at providing virtual consultations to clients all over the world, we can assist you just as effectively via Video call as in person. 


  • Initial 1.5 hour online consultation is $175.00**. You have the option to include a written Parrot Life® ​ Training Plan specific to your parrot for an additional $55.00 (recommended). International customers have all GST components discounted.

  • Any optional follow up or regular consultations for existing clients are discounted to $130.00 per session lasting 1.5 hrs. Parrot Life®  Training Plans for follow up sessions are optional at $55.00.

**All prices are in AUD.