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Diet and Feeding Webinar


Get LIFETIME access to our 90-minute webinar 'Diet and Feeding for Companion Parrots' In this webinar, we help you better understand the important part diet plays in behavioural and physical health, discuss the best way to find an appropriate diet for your parrot, give you tips for converting to a pellet diet, talking about foraging and much more! Presented by Lee Stone, CPDT-KA, FFCP Webinar Outline: • Species Appropriate Diets • Why is diet so important? • Types of Food • Proportions + Ratios • Diet vs energetic output • Pellets vs Seed • Specialised feeders • Enrichment Feeding • Importance of Foraging • Teaching to forage • Species-specific foraging • Attendee Q +A Also included is access to our 'Species Diet Sheets' and a PDF copy of the presentation. The content included in this webinar is not for reproduction or distribution and remains the intellectual property of Parrot Life Behaviour and Training and should under no circumstances be shared with anyone else.


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