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Parrot Training Academy 101 On-Demand


This is our one-of-a-kind Parrot Training Academy 101 workshop presented as a 'self-paced', on demand course. Presented by Lee Stone CPDT-KA, ABAP-1 and Georgia Kerr MSc, BSc, ABAP-1 Get LIFETIME access to 2.5 hours of lectures covering: • Wild Parrot Behaviour • Captive Parrot Behaviour • Parrot Body Language • How to apply body language to training • Diet + Feeding • Pellet Conversions • Environment Set Up • Foraging and Enrichment • Socialisation • Training Basics • Foundation Behaviour Demos • An in-depth look at wild and captive parrot behaviour, how it changes in captivity, and how to better read and interpret your bird's body language. • Setting up for desired behaviour including diet, environment, cage/aviary set ups, interactions and more. • Training and learning theory, principles and basic applications! The content included in this course is not for reproduction or distribution and remains the intellectual property of Parrot Life Behaviour and Training and should under no circumstances be shared with anyone else.


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