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5 reasons we love virtual consults...

The last two years has seen a truly incredible change in the way we use technology in our day to day lives, from online schooling for children, to large portions of the population working from home, and even telehealth becoming normal, the use of video conferencing has truly become a big part of our lives. Even with his huge pivot towards virtual services in all parts of our lives some of our potential clients are wary of the effectiveness of virtual consultations for their parrots. Virtual consulting is something we have been doing since well before the pandemic made it popular, in fact we have been working with clients all over Australia and the world since Parrot Life first opened back in 2013! So we have an appreciation for the way virtual consulting has allowed us to help parrots and their people, and we can say without a doubt that our virtual sessions are just as successful as our in-home sessions! So, why do we love virtual sessions so much?

  1. It is perfect for birds that are shy, fearful or aggressive with strangers/visitors. By not entering your house those birds who are not comfortable with strangers are not put under pressure. We can achieve so much more with these birds when they feel comfortable in their environment. For birds who engage in aggressive displays, we can work with the bird in an environment they will be successful in before adding in the presence of visitors. It is also perfect for birds who are a little 'too' friendly! It isn't uncommon for us to attend a session with birds who may be a little too social, or even frisky. For these birds, our presence in your home is wildly distracting and can really slow down training progress.

  2. We can observe your bird when you are there...and when you are not, without changing the environment so drastically that the bird does not engage in normal behaviour - this is perfect for birds who may be exhibiting problem behaviour in your absence such as excessive vocalisations or feather destructive behaviour.

  3. Flexibility in session length and scheduling! When we come to your home, due to the travel involved it is necessary for us to work with you for the full 60 - 90 minute session. With online consultations, we can break our sessions down into 20 - 30 minute blocks and spread the blocks out over a few weeks. Allowing us to give you small homework steps and then checking back in to move forward together. It also allows us to fit you into our schedule more quickly as we do not need to account for travel time, and opens up time slots that may not be available for in-home sessions.

  4. Sessions can be recorded which means you can go back and re-watch the session as many times as you like to review information or jog your memory!

  5. It is convenient! No need to worry about having someone come into your home, no need to clean up (no judgement here, we know parrots are messy!), or even get out of your PJ's ;)

But don't you need to be there to show me what to do? Not at all! Our Consultants are skilled at coaching our clients in how to handle their parrot and engage in training and behaviour modification exercises. This can be done just as well online as it is in-home, you receive the same expert guidance! This allows us to set you up with the skills you need to continue the training with your parrot yourself, our job is to show YOU how to be a trainer for your bird, not to train your bird for you. This is important because we don't live with your parrot, so you need to feel comfortable and confident with the exercises, this can easily be achieved in an online session.

Ready to work with our team? Contact us to make a booking!

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