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Parrot Life Newsletter March 2021

Updated: Mar 12, 2021


Our newest blog post is now available on our website! The title of the post is "Relationship Games for your and Your Parrot". In this

article our Perth Consultant, Georgia, outlines a number of fun, quick games you can play with your parrot to build that 'relationship bank account'.

Go and check it out >>



As many parrot guardians are aware, our birds are exceptionally good at hiding illness! One of the best ways to track out parrots health is to keep an eye on their weight.

These My Weigh i5000 scales are light, portable and come with two removable perch attachments. They measure in 1g units and weigh up to 5kg, and come with a bowl attachment so that can be used to weigh food, nestlings or other small animals!

You can order your set via our shop here:

Perth PARROT TRAINING ACADEMY tickets NOW available!

Please see our website for full details on our Parrot Training Academy workshop series!

Pricing: •$185/person for one workshop

Pricing: • $185/person for one workshop get a package discount! • $ 325/person for 2 workshops • $460/person for all 3 workshops

You can register for our workshops online here:

We have only LIMITED spots available in our workshop so get in quick to secure your spot! Have a question? Get in touch e: p: 0477 676 312



Crate / Pet Carrier Training - Step by Step Tutorial!

Crate or Pet Pack Training is where we teach our parrot to voluntarily load into a crate/pet carrier for transport!

This is a handy skill to have taught your parrots! Crate/carriers are needed fairly commonly for a variety of reasons, this may include transport to your vet / boarding facility, going on holidays / visiting friends, movement between the house and an outdoor aviary etc.

Carriers help to keep our parrots safe and secure rather than risking them being injured during a car ride or flying off during transfers between our house and their aviaries.

But it isn't a lot of fun utilising a crate if your parrot doesn't want to enter it in the first place!

Our team have put together this crate / carrier training step by step tutorial video to assist you with training this handy behaviour!

This training protocol can also be used for backpacks such as the Pak-O-Bird so you can bring your parrot along for walks/hikes!

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