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Parrot Life Newsletter October 2021

Maya's 'Almond Bluerberry' hatchday muffins!

It isn't a birthday without cake! It was Maya's 3rd Hatchday earlier in October so Lee made her some muffins using her favourite foods, topped with 'pellet candles'!

Note: These muffins are meant only to be given as a treat, not as a regular part of your parrots diet as they are high in carbs/fats. Other areas of your parrots diet should be adjusted on days you offer special treats ie: reduce/remove sugary fruit portion of diet for that day.'


CHRistmas is not far away! Need Something for the parrot lover in your life?

Can you believe it! Christmas is just 8 weeks away!! Eeek.

If you are looking for something for the parrot lover in your life why not consider a Gift Certificate for a consultation with one of Parrot Life's amazing Avian Training and Behaviour Consultants?

You can find our Gift Certificates on our website here:


Upcoming LIVE 'AVIAN NUTRITION' with ShAUna Roberts CPBC

Shauna Roberts is a certified parrot behaviour consultant (IAABC) with a special interest not only in behaviour but also in nutrition! This interest has taken her to various countries in order to attend conferences/seminars to learn from professionals in the field of avian nutrition. She’s a retired veterinary assistant and current member of AAV, this has offered insight over the years to what avian veterinarians see in patients as the result of diets.

Her interest in nutrition was sparked in the late 1960’s and expanded to parrot nutrition in 1997 when her then 2 year old cockatoo was not doing well on a certain diet. For nearly 20 years Shauna ran a parrot nutrition group, along with a well-known avian veterinarian and nutrition expert, where they would share information and offer diet suggestions. Shauna still attends regular continuing education events and helps moderate several parrot specific Facebook groups. We are extremely lucky to have Shauna join us to share her extensive knowledge of avian nutrition with us!

This event will be LIVE but all questions for Shauna need to be submitted in advance! Please email us or comment on the Facebook post to submit your questions.

This event will be streamed on our main page and in our Facebook group 'A Parrot's Life'!


stationing training!

Earlier in October our Operations Manager and Brisbane Consultant, Lee, did a LIVE Training session demonstrating how to get started working on 'stationing training' with your parrot and discussing the various applications for this incredibly useful behaviour! You can watch the full video here:



Did you know that parrots have clusters of sensitive touch receptors in their bill tips? These are referred to as bill tip organs.

The clusters of touch receptors can be seen to be symmetrically arranged just inside the edge of the bill. There is no bone in this part of the bill and the touch receptors are embedded in the horny keratin. The pattern of lines inside the bill are structures that help grip objects and are not part of the bill tip sensory organ.

In parrots, bill tip organs may function in the manipulation of objects held in the bill tip and also in the positioning of the bill when it is used as a ‘third limb’ in climbing.

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