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Parrot Life®️ Newsletter February 2022

February 2022 • Volume 16

A Parrot's Life Newsletter


Bush TUCKEr!

It's Bunya nut season here on the East Coast. The native Bunya pine tree produces huge cones that can weigh up to 18kgs and produces 50-100 nuts each!

Bunya pines are one of Australia's many bush tucker plants. The nuts produced by the tree are like large pine nuts although taste more like chestnuts and are safe to be fed to our parrots both

raw or cooked.

Many Australian bush tucker foods are safe for our parrots to eat...this includes Lilly Pilly's, pandanus, Davidson's and Kakadu plums, rosellas, lemon myrtle and much more!

These foods can provide extra enrichment to our parrots through variety and opportunities to engage in normal foraging behaviour.


we are hiring!

We are looking to add TWO more Avian Behaviour and Training consultants to our team!

We are currently seeking applicants in:

• Sydney • Melbourne

You can find all of the information for each role and how to apply on our website here:

Applications close March 1st 2022 OR earlier if the right candidate is found! So do not hesitate to apply!

If you have any questions or would like a copy of the full job description please contact our Operations Manager, Lee, on

Know someone who might be a good fit for us? Send them our way!


Now AVAILABLE! Harness Train your parrot! course on demand!

Exciting Announcement!

Our one-of-a-kind Harness Train Your Parrot! Course is now available as an ON-DEMAND, self-paced course!

You can find the full details and how to join on our website here:

For a limited time only the cost of the course will be $59, from Monday 7th February the price will increase to $69.

So don't delay, enrol now!!


Parrot life youtube channel!

Parrot Life has recently expanded our range of social media / online presence to include Youtube! Currently, we are working on uploading some of our existing content from our Facebook Page and Facebook group, but in the near future we will be posting new, exclusive content to our Youtube channel! Go check it out and don't forget to subscribe! Link >> Parrot Life YouTube


Parrot Life in the media!

At the beginning of January, our team was contacted

by several radio stations to do a segment on reports of drunk parrots in the north-west of WA.

Vets in Broome are reporting Red-winged parrots being bought in, seemingly intoxicated on fermented mangoes!

Lee, our Brisbane Consultant and Ops manager, did two radio interviews discussing the topic. You can listen to one of those on THIS link.



Did you know that birds do not have vocal cords like reptiles, amphibians and mammals? Rather they have a special 'one-of-a-kind' structure known as a Syrinx. This structure is located at the base of the trachea and birds use it to expel air in special patterns to produce sounds! You can find out more about this fascinating evolutionary feature here:

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