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Parrot Life Newsletter AUGUST 2021

ENRICHMENT INSPO - Reuse + Recycle paper grocery bags!

If you are like us you end up with a lot of grocery bags stashed in the cupboard! We like to ask for the paper bags that some supermarkets offer! We then reuse these as foraging bags for our flock!

You can fill your bags with anything you like....we like to fill them up with fun natural items such as leaves, bark/sticks, pods/gumnuts, flowers and a sprinkle of our parrots pellets and/or some nuts! Hang them up somewhere in your birds enclosure and watch them 'go shopping'!


NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH! JMK Parrot Harness + Leash sets!


We are excited to announce the launch of our new product line....the JMK Parrot Harness and Leash set. This new harness is designed with comfort, safety and security in mind! Tried and tested by our Team, we are thrilled to bring this new option to the parrot community in Australia!

Check out this video for more information about the harness! Custom pre-orders are open on our next shipment until 5pm TONIGHT! You can order yours here:


COMPLETED LIVE Q+A - with Cassie Malina of 'Awesome Animal Solutions!'

We had a fantastic time last week running a LIVE Q+A with Cassie Malina of 'Awesome Animal Solutions'

During our LIVE we answered questions from the audience, these included 'stationing training', 'screaming', 'multi bird households', 'making cages fun', 'fearful birds' and much more! Check it out!

We will have more exciting FACEBOOK LIVE events coming up shortly! Join our group to see when our next events are planned!


The 3 'D's of Training

What are these 3D’s you ask? Our three D’s when it comes to training a cue are:

- Distraction - Duration - Distance

We work in as many environments or situations as possible, to ensure that our bird has a solid understanding of what we are asking, in different contexts.

As we work on a different ‘D’ , we decrease the difficulty of another, to ensure we are setting ourselves up for success.

In this video, Zeke is working on his recall. Perth Consultant Ebony is standing close, showing a flat open palm, and giving the verbal cue of ‘ Here’. The distance we are asking him to move is small.

Once he is on Ebony’s hand, the duration of time that he is expected to stay on is minimal, but if he willingly stays longer we will mark and reinforce.

In the background, Zeke can hear other members of his flock, who are in the next room, out of sight. This is distracting to him, and this is the ‘D’ we are working on.

We can see him listening to these distractions, whilst Ebony waits. After a few seconds, she tries verbal encouragement to help get his focus. Once we realise he is too distracted, we reset!

Hands goes down, Ebony takes a step back, and waits for him to focus on her.

Ebony steps up, shows the hand and verbal cue a second time, and he flys to her hand.

We mark this with our ‘Yes’ marker, and he receives almond pieces for his efforts!

Watching our birds body language whilst working on the 3D’s is crucial. If we push them too far, too soon, we can undo our previous work.

Small steps are key to ensure we build our cues up reliably and keep our learner engaged with us!



Did you know that parrots have hollow bones? Hollow bones are also called pneumatized bones, meaning they’re filled with space for air.

These air pockets are connected to the birds respiratory system/airsacs and allow for them to intake oxygen whilst both inhaling and exhaling. This helps to provide energy for flight by adding extra oxygen to their blood.

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