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Parrot Life Newsletter May 2021


Stainless Steel Baffle Cages are by far one of our favourite 'enrichment / foraging' toys! Not only are they long lasting, sturdy

enough for even the strongest of beaks but they are incredibly versatile....

Each day you can fill your Baffle Cage with different items! Today it might be pellets wrapped in paper with

cardboard, tomorrow it might be fresh browse, gumnuts and flowers, next week it could be fresh fruit and veggies! Your imagination is the only limit! Check out some of our stuffed baffle cage examples!

Not got one but want one?? Buy them on our Shop HERE


Parrot Training Academy 2021 - Highlights so far!

Our Parrot Training Academy for 2021 has kicked off with workshops in both Perth and Brisbane starting in April and May! Check out the highlight videos from PTA101 in Brisbane and PTA201 in Perth!

Missed out or not based in Brisbane or Perth?

You can do our PTA101 On Demand available from our webshop! Or keep your eyes out for more workshops coming up next year in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne!


Training Tip - Teaching your parrot to "Fly Down"

Did you know that parrots don't come with the skill to fly on a steep angle downwards? In fact most of their flight skills are honed and developed after fledging. But flying on a steep angle downwards is often missed in captivity as parrots living indoors rarely need it, nor do they have the space to practise it. But often a lack of this skill is one of the reasons birds get stuck up in trees if they escape!

So how do you train it....

Even if you only have your parrot indoors you can still build fly down skills!

Start by practising recalls from a perch slightly higher than your head and you

standing a few metres away. Gradually increase the height of the perch and shorten the distance between you and the perch. Eventually work up to your bird being as high as possible, while you crouch down as low as you can so your bird has to fly vertically down to you!

Here is a video of Maya demonstrating an advanced fly down!



Did you know that some species of bird have been shown to have the ability to engage in what is referred to as 'Unihemispheric Slow-Wave Sleep'. This is a sleep pattern that allows the bird to sleep one side of their brain while the other side remains alert and active, allowing them to watch out for predators or even fly! Although other animals have the ability to sleep like this, birds are the only species with the ability to control this, they can

adjust how much of their brain is asleep by how much they close their eyes!

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