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Foraging is very important for the mental health of your parrot – they spend most of their time in the wild foraging for food, so we need to try and replicate this in captivity. Getting your bird working to find food and treats will keep their minds sharp and active, prevent problem behaviours and keep them out of trouble!


Baffle Cages are a fantastic way to get your parrot working hard for treats, and are especially suitable for canopy foraging species (but all parrots will enjoy the challenge!).


This product by Super Bird Toys is one of our most highly recommended items, they are strong, safe stainless steel, virtually indestructible, easily cleaned and can provide hours and even days of foraging from one refill (paper fill in picture included). Suitable for small parrots (i.e. anything smaller than an Indian Ringneck parakeet).


Parrot Life® Tip: These are great if you have to keep your bird mentally stimulated for any length of time (i.e. when you go to work) and can be filled at an 'easy foraging' level to teach foraging to begin with(i.e. putting visible corn, brocolli, millet sprays etc). You can progressively teach your bird to forage for hidden treats by layering paper, grass, twigs, and any other bird safe item to get to 'advanced foraging' level.

Baffle Cage SMALL (Stainless Steel)

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