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Order placed with supplier 26/03/2024, delivery expected approx 09/04/2024. Orders will be shipped within 1 - 2 business days (Tues - Fri).

If you order other items at the same time please note these WON'T be shipped until the scales are. If you wish to order products for immediate shipping you will need to place a seperate order. 

Avian scales are fantastic to keep an eye on your bird's health and are very easy to teach your parrot to step onto. It should be part of every parrot owner's weekly ritual to weigh their parrot (before their breakfast ideally), so you have a base weight for your companion. Remember, the first sign of illness in parrots is often a drop in weight, so avian scales are a must!


These My Weigh i5000 scales are light, portable and come with two removable perch attachments. They measure in 1g units and weigh up to 5kg, and come with a bowl attachment to weigh nestlings if needed.Please note: These scales come with a charger but this is an international plug style. They are also battery-operated and this is how we use and recommend using them.

i5000 Avian Scales plus Perch Attachment

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