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Diet plays a critical role in our parrots physical health, behaviour and wellbeing. It is therefore incredibly important that we get it right! The internet and social media can be full of contradictions and misinformation regarding feeding our companion parrots making it difficult to decide how we can provide the best diet for our parrots.

Our Diet + Feeding for Companion Parrots E-Book covers off on feeding behaviour, optimal captive parrot diets, overfeeding and more! It includes step by step instructions on how to convert your parrot onto pellets, as well as lists on safe and unsafe food items for your parrot.

Bonus Video content included!

Selective Feeding video

Pellet Ball Tutorial

Diet + Feeding V-Log

Purchasers will also get access to updates to the E-Book.

Additions we will be making in future include converting seed eaters to fresh foods, home made pellet and mash recipes and much more!

Parrot Life® Diet + Feeding for Companion Parrots E-Book

  • This is an E-Book and comes in PDF format, your E-Book will be available for download once payment is made. 

  • This E-Book and it's contents are not for reproduction or distribution and remain the intellectual property of Parrot Life Behaviour and Training and should under no circumstances be shared with anyone else.

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