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Caitec makes some fantastic and durable foraging toys that will keep you parrot busy for hours! Made from non-toxic durable polycarbonate, you can stuff these foraging toys with treats or dry food. They are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, can be set to different levels of difficulty and are virtually indestructible! Recommended for all parrots.


We have tested them on parrots up to large cockatoo size with great results, parrots love hanging off them (when hung up) and throwing them around, and they last for a long time! Product comes empty - refills sold separately.


Parrot Life® Tip: teach your parrot to forage for treats inside paper towels, newspaper or other paper products, and stuff these inside the toy, this way you are layering your foraging and it will take much longer to figure out - and busy birds are well behaved birds!

Creative Foraging Party Ball (LARGE)

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$19.96Sale Price

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