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Your target stick is a useful tool to get your bird to orient a part of it’s body (usually the mouth) to a spot, which is a great way to get your bird to move from point to point, as it will move to new locations to touch it once trained. You can use it for aggressive birds through cage wire, bird that are fearful of hands, and even to get your bird to enter small spaces like carriers.

There are two different ‘target’ ends to this target stick. The plastic black end is an option if your bird is trying to chew or bite the target, but the rubber end will help you train a touch rather than a bite of the stick, as you need to hold it far enough away that chewing the stick can’t happen in the early stages (parrots love to chew rubber, so it will make you a better trainer to teach a touch of the rubber end!).

Small target sticks are 30cm long and suitable for species such as Budgies, Cockatiels, Conures, Caiques etc.

Large target sticks are 40cm and suitable for birds such as Galahs, Eclectus, Corella, Macaws etc.


Clickers are a bridge or secondary reinforcer, basically you don't speak bird and your bird doesn't speak english (mostly!), so the click can help let your bird know it has done the right thing at the right time and makes training much faster. 


Parrot Life® Tip: Hold the clicker in your hand and use your little finger to click, then you can hold a few treats in your hand for quick repetitions and treat 'reloading'. It takes a little bit of practice to get co-ordination in your little finger, but once you have it you are away! In between repetitions drop your hand to your side so gravity helps to drop the next treat into you thumb and forefinger.

Clicker and Target Stick Combo

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