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**All Enrolments are now via our 'Events / What's On Page: 
Click here to see what events we have coming up and register to attend!


Once you have booked please keep an eye out for an email from us with further information. This will be sent 24-48 hours after you register. Please ensure you check junk / spam folders also. 

Have you ever thought... "I wish there was a puppy preschool but for parrots?"

Welcome to Parrot Life's "Parrot Kinder" our unique, 5-week class designed to provide you and your young parrot with all of the information necessary for you to live a long and harmonious life together! 

This class is designed for parrots who are adolescents or younger, allowing you to proactively prevent issues and get started on the right 'wing' straight away.  

We recommend getting started as early as possible!:

  • XS / Small Parrots (Budgies, Tiels, Conures etc) - up to 6 months of age
  • Medium Parrots (Alexandrines, Eckies, Galahs etc) - up to approximately 12 months of age
  • Large / XL Parrots (White / Black Cockatoos, Large Macaws) - up to 18 months of age.


Although we encourage you to start early, if your parrot is outside of the age guidelines that does not mean you cannot participate, this class covers a lot of information relevant to birds of all ages!

If you are unsure please contact us before registering. 

Each week of class presents new and important information to help you set yourself and your parrot up for success! From training basics to diet/nutrition, enrichment, problem prevention to lifeskills we cover a huge range of critical topics. Check out the full course outline in the photo section! 

These classes are held LIVE, via Zoom allowing you the opportunity to ask questions of our instructors, train live with your bird and get immediate feedback. Our Online format means that it doesn't matter where in the world you are, you can join us! 

We will be running 2 timeslots per week and you can opt to attend whichever suits you each week. Meaning if you cannot make the same time and day each week you have another option, perfect for busy schedules. Additionally, classes will be recorded and available to watch almost immediately. 


Classes include a class workbook (premium only), access to a variety of resources including handouts, step by steps, e-books, Facebook groups and more! 

There are two levels of attendance:
Premium / Working - These spaces are limited for each class session and include live instruction, access to ask the instructor questions during class, in our Facebook group, submission of video homework for review and more. Premium attendees receive a Graduation Certificate at the end of the class pending attendance levels and homework completion. Premium attendees have access to recordings for 12 months after class has finished. 

Auditor - These are 'watch only' positions for those who may want to attend but do not want/need instructor feedback.  Auditors do not receive a Graduation Certificate. Auditors have access to recordings for 3 months after class has finished. 


Foundation Consultation Add On - Attendees of both levels can opt to also include a 90-minute (Online/Zoom) private Foundation session to their class enrolment at a discounted rate of $175 (normally $190). 

Parrot Kinder (Preschool) Online Class!

PriceFrom $85.00
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  • Only those who live in the household with the parrot should attend LIVE sessions or have access to replays. If someone you know is interested in attending please ask that they enroll in the course.

    Please do not share any class links or materials outside of class. All content remains the intellectual property of Parrot Life Australia. If we become aware that class material has been shared externally we reserve the right to remove the offending party from the class immediately without refund.

    Payment for the class is due in full at the time of registration. 
    If you cannot attend the class you need to notify us as soon as possible. The following refunds will apply:

    • Greater than 30 days notice - 100% minus $35 administration fee.
    • With 30 days notice - 75% refund
    • With 14 or more days notice - 50% refund
    • With 13 or less days notice - No refund.

    If we have a waiting list and your spot can be filled then a larger refund may be available minus an administration fee. 

    We do not provide refunds (part or full) or transfers once the class sessions have commenced.

    Add On Foundation Consultations must be used within 3 months (13 weeks) from the date of the final class of your session. It is your responsibility to reach out to us to organise your session within this timeframe. Reminders will not be sent and extensions are not available. 
    By purchasing a ticket in our Parrot Kinder class you agree to our Terms and Conditions of business. 

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